The Hazards Involved In Hiring Freelancers

A dilemma that is often faced by you is whether to employ a web designing company or a freelancer. You might think that employing a freelancer would be a better choice. You might be lured by the fact that freelancers charge much less than web Conception site web montreal companies. They will also give you the feeling that you are working with a specialist. But you have not taken in mind the long-term consequences. Often it happens that a freelancer is unable to complete the whole project, due to lack of infrastructure or his sickness. This will burn a whole in your pocket. You will have to take resort to other means, which will increase your budget manifold times.So what exactly are the risks involved in depending upon freelancers? Let’s check them out.Freelancers Are Not Dedicated EnoughSeveral companies who had employed freelancers came up with the grievances that they are not creative enough or dedicated enough to meet their business objectives. These freelancers could not capture and portray the unique image required by the companies. They were slow to redesign the websites as per the needs of the clients. One reason behind this maybe that these freelancers are part timers and are employed on a full time basis elsewhere. Hence they are unable to invest the time into the project that is necessary for a profitable output.Lack of focusFreelancers also tend to have several projects in hand. They might have to meet the deadline of another client’s project or travel abroad due to business needs. The result will be that your project will invariably suffer. He might not be accessible at all times due to the needs of other clients. He is not dedicated solely to your particular project. Neither can he afford to be, because he is a one-man company. Do not have diversified skillsFreelancers generally specialize in one or two areas. But most web designing projects require the integration of diverse skills. The web-designing firms who are equipped with a whole range of experts can only provide this. Range of experience is constrictedA freelancer cannot possibly have the same breadth of experience that a web-designing firm has. A whole team of experts mans a company, which designs web sites. Surely a freelancer cannot be expected to have the same level of expertise and experience that they have. It is not expected that a single man should have knowledge about all aspects of a job.Absconding with clientsAnother serious problem is also encountered in hiring a freelancer. He might try to increase his profit by cutting off the middleman (the company who employs him) and contacting the clients himself. This will prove to be serious setback to your business concerns. No stabilityA web designing company exudes an air of stability. They do not change employers, locations and owners on a frequent basis. Freelancers tend to lack this stability. They jump from one sphere to another, from one location to another as per their needs. Ignorant on latest search engine updates

A web designing company is spurred on by competition and the desire for success. It keeps itself updated on all the latest news and developments regarding search engines. A freelancer does not have the equal amount of motivation to keep himself updated on such topics. No after sales serviceA freelancer does not have the same stability as a web designing company. He might not be there to update or redesign the website when the need arises later. This can lead to an increase in your budget if you have to hire another person or firm to revamp your website.No legal charge can be framedMost importantly, no legal suit can be waged on the freelancer in case of fraud as the freelancers are not under any contract. But the case is not the same for the web designing company. It is under contract to provide you with some particular services. So legal proceedings can be undertaken against it. Employing a company can thus reduce your headache manifold times. There are several web-designing firms, which offer a money back guarantee. and Limtex Infotech are among them.No replacement facilitiesThere is also the problem of replacement. In the case of a web-designing firm, a replacement is always found if any of the employees who are undertaking your project falls sick. But this is not the case with the freelancers. He is unable to find a replacement because he is alone.No pressure to performAs the freelancers don’t have any boss, they are not bound to perform under pressure same as the employees of a web-designing firm. Thus there is no question of saving the skin on his back. This can have a negative impact on your business concerns.

You must keep in mind these crucial factors before hiring a freelancer. There are several Web Designing, Development & SEO Companies who work for a reasonable price. Web designing firms provide the most effective customized web solutions to its clients. They are capable of providing a wide range of services. You can depend on the fact that all the technical, creative, legal and administrative aspects of your project will be in efficient hands.

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