Bad Emails – Email Phishing, Email Fraud, and Email Scams

With phishing Report Scam and get your money back, you are encouraged to divulge sensitive information which will be used for unsolicited advertising or even malicious purposes. This kind of information frequently consists of passwords to get into a website, credit card numbers, or (on rare occasions) social security numbers, bank account numbers, and so forth. These details are then used to take your money away.

A variety of phishing email that might slip by you: A real-looking email claiming to be from your bank or credit card company or any other financial institution. The email will give you a link, ask you to click on it and update your information. The page is very convincing, and so a lot of people do click on the link and enter their log in information. It does look almost exactly like your bank’s website, after all. This is the reason it can be so difficult to detect these scam emails. Everything appears normal. Still, most banks wouldn’t ask you to update information by clicking on a link in an email.

The Internal Revenue Service is alerting people concerning a tax refund email scam. You get an email supposedly from the IRS saying they owe you a tax refund. You are prompted to connect to a link to see an “IRS” page. On this page, you are requested to fill in your social security number, and other information, so you can get to your account. This email is a scam and intended only to steal your identity. As stated on their website, the IRS will never use email to try to contact you. They certainly wouldn’t use it to notify you concerning tax refunds. The IRS will only use the postal services or the telephone to contact you. Don’t be taken in by this!

The email from Nigeria scam. The gist of the scam is an email is sent from a person who claims they are trying to transport money out of a certain country — commonly Nigeria — but there is trouble with taxes, crooked law officials, or other problems that require a big amount of money or otherwise stop this money from being taking out the country completely. At this point, you are asked to help. In exchange for your help, you will be offered a large portion of up to millions of dollars. The problem is that they need your financial information to transfer the money into your account. PLEASE do not believe this! People have actually been taken in by such scams. They want your money, not the other way around.

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