Horse Race Betting – Basics to Get You Started

Horse racing as a sport has had its presence since the chariot races during the times of the Romans, and horse race betting is an integral part of racing. From professionals to breeders to even novices, ثبت نام سایت تتل بت holds a special place as a favorite pastime for all those having a love for this elegant sport. Horse racing betting follows few basic rules that remain unchanged for betters operating at any level.

Learning the basic horse racing tips can build a good foundation for a newbie wanting to experience this equestrian sport. The beginning step for any better would be to take stock of their finance and set up a balance that is termed as the ‘betting bank’. This amount is the money that a better can safely let go when the loss strikes. Venturing into this thrilling field must be done with adequate caution and should not affect the daily finances. Once a betting bank is created, the next stage would be to choose the right stake for your money. Beginners can choose from a variety of staking plans,

o Fixed staking- here a fixed sum, maybe a small percentage of the total betting bank is placed as a bet. This form of staking is a safe bet against losses and also allows one to experiment with more bets within the given amount.

o Percentage staking- the betting sum here is revised with every change in the betting bank. For example, an initial bet of 5 percent from a betting bank of £ 1000 places the bet at £50. A win of 10-1 would increase the betting bank to £1500. The next bet thus would be 5 percent of the new betting bank amount, i.e. £1500. Percentage staking offers a good chance to increase your betting amount quickly with the help of previous wins adding to the principal amount. For those on a losing streak too, it can be an advantage to bet smaller amounts with increasing loss and decreasing betting bank.

o Value staking- the value of each bet staked here is analyzed in relation to the amount that one stands to gain in case of a win, and the amount which one would lose in a loss. Thus a person can take stock of the situation and raise or lower the betting amount upon seeing their chances and apply their winning betting strategies.

o Dutching- this form of staking in horse race betting is done with the intention of winning at least one stake from a multiple bets. The idea is to regain a certain amount even if just one stake wins and others do not.

With knowledge of the types of stakes, one needs to make a selection of the horse, and this can be done in two ways- by forming horse racing systems or by the more traditional reading from. Systems works by analyzing the win-loss histories of the different horses in a particular from of race, and choosing the best horse for self that you think will do well in that race. Reading form, on the other hand works by reviewing the performance of each horse individually in different races.

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