Uninterruptible Power Supplies for IT Systems

In today’s modern business world companies Innosilicon have become reliant on the information technology they use being 100% operational at all times. Just as a company relies on its information technology; the technology relies heavily on the mains power supply it receives. Without safe and constant power a company’s IT system is at risk of damage from a wide array of sources; especially as the national grids power becomes ever more unreliable.

In order for a company to safe guard its IT against threats from power they must install an uninterruptible power supply system. As well as providing a constant source of clean energy in the event of power outage; a UPS can also protect vulnerable equipment from the many power disturbances that occur regularly on the grid.

In a recent survey of companies that make use of information technology as a vital part of their business, three quarters had experienced a complete power loss over the past year. A worrying statistic with the power quality expected only to worsen in the foreseeable future.Alongside the threat of complete power outages (blackouts) businesses are at risk from many forms of power supply issues that can cause damage to IT systems.

These sorts of outages can be damaging to a company reliant on technology as power loss is the leading source of damage to computer systems. It is however not the only threat and this is why nearly 90% of those surveyed considered a UPS’s reliability to be of the utmost importance to their business. Without the appropriate protection from a UPS being installed, companies run the risk of exposing their IT systems to the ever more unreliable power.

Some of the most common are voltage excursions. They are characterised by either short increases or decreases in power known as spikes, sags and surges depending on the magnitude and length of time. Another massive risk comes from electrical noise, which is often caused by external circumstances such as a lightning strike in the area causing computers to hang and cause hard drives to corrupt.

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