Giving an Extra Edge in Winning Lotteries

The lotteryhas been described as ‘hostage to fortune’. It has been compared to gambling. Some people aver that the gambling part is true but of low intensity something akin to social drinking. You drink alcohol but you are not an alcoholic. This answer is not self-deluding say majority of lottery players. Simply put they play for they cannot resist the lure of landing a windfall and challenge lady luck all the way. Man is an optimist at the core,Giving an Extra Edge in Winning Lotteries Articles in love with everlasting hope. He comes into the world penniless with only life breathing in his cell and tissues but swimming against multitude of odds in the womb. If nothing man is a fighter and playing the lottery is but an extension of life outside the womb. (The usage of the masculine is not gender specific. It is a short word to describe mankind and embraces all genders – male, female and LGBT.)

It makes intelligent sense to give man an edge in overcoming lady luck. There are many web based organizations that advertise play lottery online free and at the same time offer winning tips. Is it not a contradiction? No say the people who play every day playing the lottery. They win some and lose some. Quite a few people refer to web based resources for tips inwinning plays. Here are a few down-to-earth strategies.

Keeping it simple strategies

The simplest strategy is playing a lottery where you have to predict lesser numbers like the pick 3 lottery numbers or pick 4 lottery numbers. The reasons are obvious considering the more number of chances in winning these games when compared to predicting a 6 number lottery.

Another strategy is to play the same number every time. Lottery numbers are generated by a random generator. Each number in a lottery game has the same chance of winning as much as the other numbers. Richard Lustig has won in excess of millions of dollars that includes seven grand prizes. Richard is so confident of his strategy that he has written a book about it in which he advocates that “luck has nothing to do with it”. You can play any strategy but always remember to playa lottery game that gives instant payout. Waiting for a rollover lottery not only decreases the chances of winning there is a waiting period that do nothing good for your adrenaline. Last but not the least check the results twice. The eye can be deceived the first time but not the second time.

All said and done there is no way to predict lady luck. She comes and goes. Or she is capricious. The trick in playing lotteries is to stick to a plan and keep to the plan. Sometime or the other lady luck will favor you. Is there a guarantee? No, but that is part of the adventure, Challenging the unknown.

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